Royalty Yachts offers a wide selection of luxury motor yachts, catamarans and sailing yachts in the most exotic and romantic destinations of the world - the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and the Pacific.
Charter vacations give you an unprecedented opportunity to enjoy spectacular scenery, top class service and unmatched freedom to explore exotic coastlines and ports. All in incomparable style and comfort! Our top priority is your safety, security, privacy and of course, a peaceful enjoyable sailing experience.
With several special events happening around Mediterranean destinations, you can live a Royalty lifestyle while visiting St Tropez, Cannes and Portofino or watching the Monaco Grand Prix from your yacht’s upper deck!

Avoid polluted cities, escape from busy hotel lobbies and bid farewell to crowded airports. Instead, enjoy the comfort of your own crew under blue skies and warm sun on your own deck, in your own private world. If it’s privacy you want how about opting for a hospitable small island with hidden beaches and idyllic sandy bays in the Med?
Royalty Yachts

Come to Royalty Yachts for the best in crewed luxury yachts. If your choice is a large motor yacht, a sailing catamaran or a mono-hulled sailboat we can help you. With us you’ll get the finest charter vacation holiday all year round. Why not get in touch and use our free and friendly service to find out more about the best yacht hire available?

Why Charter?

Flexibility and independence are two of the main reasons for spending your annual leave on a sailing charter vacation. You choose your destination, and you decide when you step onto terra firma. You avoid the crowds when you want to be alone, or join them when you feel like it. Viewing the landscape from your private yacht will be your Kodak picture memory for life! You can set your own pace, choose your desired destination and take full control of your itinerary and eliminate queuing at busy airports.

The key word to yacht chartering is FREEDOM. You are the captain of your decisions. So, you decide when to sail, when to eat and when to throw anchor at hidden beaches or exotic ports. But should the notion for ‘living it up’ take hold of you, you can join the exciting nightlife in a bustling town or enjoy a meal in a popular haunt.

When hoisting your main sail and turning the yacht into the wind, you set yourself to sail the most exquisite coastlines. Glistening sapphire waters and pristine white beaches will be the order of the day. Dancing dolphins will be your entertainment hosts. You can snorkel when you want to cool down or scuba dive into the deep for a peep at vivid colored marine life. Enjoy national parks at different destinations. Rub shoulders with local people and stuff your shopping bag with souvenir trophies. You will never be the same once you have experienced a ‘Royalty Yachts’ vacation and tasted the good life.

The most popular yacht charter destinations include the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Florida Keys, the Bahamas and the Whitsunday Islands in Australia. Royalty Yachts cover all these and in addition, has access to all the best charter boats in exotic locations such as the South Pacific, the Seychelles and Thailand. Can you feel the freedom?

In one respect chartering is the same as all other vacations. They both take a certain amount of planning and preparation to make sure you have the best trip. You also have to pack your bags for either one. But charter vacation will be all the better for being customized specifically for you.

On board a luxury Royalty Yacht, you will find that there is no better way to experience a taste of freedom, elegance and style. You will also discover that a crewed luxury yacht charter may end up costing no more than an exclusive hotel or cruise ship. However, a fundamental difference is that you have ultimate privacy, control and as mentioned before – freedom! Something you’d never find on a cruise ship or in a hotel.

Your luxury yacht will be the royal domain for you and your friends, and the crew will attend to all your needs. You’ll get service that is professional, personalized and friendly. Your own personal chef onboard will provide you with the best in cuisine, prepared to your liking, and you can dine whenever you want without even making a reservation. Take charge of your vacation and join the growing numbers who sail in absolute luxury when and where they choose to.

You will also find another range of fun choices on board a luxury yacht. The water ‘toys’! Kayaks, windsurfers, water-skis, jet skis and diving equipment to name a few. These are often available for your entertainment. Incredible but true, the larger super yachts may even accommodate a helicopter pad, submarine bay, a gym or a cinema. Every charter boat has its own speed boat (tender) which can take guests water skiing, and take passengers ashore during the day, to the beach, or at night to enjoy a meal or other nightlife.

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